Since Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Kodokan Judo unquestionably  comes from the same root. Alfredo Araujo a Brazilian Ju Jitsu black belt and Judo 6th Dan Black belt. Decided to unify or merge both of Judo and Brazilian Ju Jitsu techniques in his gym coaching trainning  due  to the effiiciency from each of this modalities. Both modalities can improve each others technical quality. Brazilian Ju Jitsu prime for efficient techniques on the submission ground grappling.. However on the other side Kodokan Judo prime its technicques out of standing take down grappling. In that way if a Brazilian Ju Jitsu practioner learns how to improve its stand up techniques as it is developed in Kodokan Judo. Consequentely, the Brazilian Ju Jitsu practitioner will have more tools to develope its game since BJJ starts its combat fight out of standing position. 
       Therefore the fusion of Judo/BJJ stlyle will give more efficency into the BJJ and consequentely better results to the BJJ style as whole. BJJ so much need more accurate take downs to drive the fight to the ground grappling submission. 
      In fact the knoledge along with the trainning of how to break balance in stand up fight to make a smoother transition to the ground elects the BJJ practitioner  to develope more confidence in its stand up grappling and automaticly  more tools to succed his/her game as whole and to submission.  

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